Stage 1 Home Staging Services


Home Staging Information Package

Our goal is to work with real estate agents and home sellers to ensure that the property is target market ready, on budget, and on time for any home staging services that we provide. Included in our information package is our Comprehensive Home Staging Services list for your review. Many real estate agents and home sellers are unaware of everything that we can offer to increase the value of the property!

At the outset of our consultations many clients tell us that they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed because they had no idea what a big job lies ahead of them. That’s where we come in. We take over and those feelings of being overwhelmed are replaced with a plan and action steps to get the house ready for its first showing. Agents also have peace of mind because they know we will deliver what we promise, and that means their clients are in good hands! In a recent study conducted by RESA® a recognized national real estate staging association, staged homes spent 78% less time on the market than unstaged homes.* And we all know what that means!

Stage 1 is flexible in our approach to home staging. We can do as little or as much, that fits within any budget whether working with just the home seller’s furnishings or providing outside inventory to enhance the look of the home.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns you may have.


Comprehensive Home Staging Services List

We offer a variety of services to accommodate the needs of our varied clients. If you find that there are other services that you need for your home staging project, let us know!

Client Consultation: A client consultation can be very short, to help determine what needs to be done to stage the home. Or, it may be as long as four hours when specific recommendations are given to the client to help him or her prepare the property for selling.

Color Consultation: The majority of clients need a color consultation. We suggest colors that appeal to the majority of potential buyers. This may or may not be part of the initial consultation.

Report Recommendations: Many clients need a step-by-step plan to get them started on the right track. We can type a report for them or we can make recommendations to them room-by-room and they can do the report taking themselves. We make very detailed and specific recommendations in our reports.

Professional Organizing: Decluttering can be an overwhelming job for many clients. The longer they have lived in their homes the worse it can be. We offer this service to help them get started with what we call the “prepack.” They have to pack up anyway; we just nudge them along in a good way!

Shopping: Someone has to do this and we are happy to step up to the plate and offer them our professional shopping services. We can shop for all their cosmetic home decor and minor renovation needs.

Sourcing for Rentals: Whether a client needs an entire vacant home of rental furnishings or just a few to update the look of the home for showing, we know the right sources to find the right product for each client.

Hands-on Installation/Staging: We offer the physical hands-on part of the actual staging of the home. We rearrange furniture, rehang art, attractively accessorize, create vignettes of interest that invite potential buyers in, and create the right look for every client’s target market.

Move-in Services: We know what an exhausting job selling can be so we provide our clients with a special “move-in” service. We know how they like to live, so who better to set them up in their new home? We depersonalized their property for selling, now we can personalize their new home and usually in just one day!